Behind-the-meter battery

Optimise energy storage alongside site demand and solar and wind generation.

Key benefits


Proven Arbitrage Technology

Open Energi has many years’ experience of algorithmically dispatching behind-the-meter assets in traded markets with robustly tested automated technology.


Connection Management

Precise forecasting and control algorithms carefully dispatch assets to ensure state of charge is deployed to maximum effect.


Solar Firming Islanding

Using battery storage to remove the variability in solar power and deliver safe self-sufficiency.


Supply Contract Integration

We have successfully integrated Dynamic Demand 2.0 with the trading desks of multiple utility companies and innovative suppliers. Optimisation strategies are tailored to suit the supply arrangements in place and we consult closely with you on how best to maximise flexibility revenue.


Warranty and Degradation Protection

Dynamic Demand 2.0 uses proprietary SoC management intelligence to control depth of discharge and overall throughput, ensuring optimum delivery against dynamic warranty and degradation considerations.


Market Leading Experience

Open Energi has over 10 years’ experience in frequency response markets and over 5 years operating batteries, including successful integrations with half a dozen battery OEMs. We have more data and a stronger track record of operating batteries than any of our competitors.


Flexible Contracting Approach

Open Energi can offer a fully managed service – owning all market access contracts, prequalifying assets and bidding on their behalf – or we can break out specific elements of the service offering with a collaborative and consultative approach.


Services included


Day Ahead Trading
Balancing Mechanism
Frequency Response
Capacity Market
Site Optimisation


Alerts & Monitoring
Financial Reporting


Site Valuation
Warranty Analysis
Market Insight Reports
Battery Sizing

Services can be sold as packaged or unbundled.

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