ComputerWorld UK: How UK startup Open Energi is bringing IoT to energy

The UK energy sector currently wastes 54 percent of all the energy it produces, according to the Association for Decentralised Energy. Couple this with an increasing need to use renewable energy and a growing demand – the Institution of Mechanical Engineers predicts UK energy demand could outstrip supply within just a decade – and you have an industry in crisis.

Unlike the more modern renewable energy sector, where wind turbines are installed with sensors from day one, the rest of the sector is struggling to harness data from their assets, creating huge inefficiencies that lead to high levels of wastage.

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Energy Storage News: Tesla Powerpack to enter UK FFR market

UK firm Open Energi’s Dynamic Demand technology has been integrated with Europe’s first grid-scale Tesla Powerpack installation in Somerset, UK, in preparation for the site entering the firm frequency response (FFR) tendering market.

The 500kWh battery storage system, which is co-located with a 500kWp solar farm, will be able to automatically store and discharge energy in response to electricity supply and demand across the UK.

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AI Business: How AI is shaping the future of energy

We are delighted to introduce a contributed piece for AI Business by Michael Bironneau from Open Energi, talking about how artificial intelligence is shaping the future of energy. Open Energi is a UK-based clean tech company working with businesses to intelligently optimise their energy use.

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