VIDEO: Optimising data architectures for IoT & Cloud

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Rapid data growth from a wide range of new data sources is significantly outpacing organizations’ abilities to manage data with existing systems. Today’s data architectures and IT budgets are straining under the pressure. In response, the center of gravity in the data architecture is shifting from structured transactional systems to cloud based modern data architectures and applications; with Hadoop at it’s core.

Join this live and on-demand video panel – featuring Open Energi’s Head of Technical Development, Michael Bironneau – as they discuss how the landscape is changing and offer insights into how organizations are successfully navigating this shift to capture new business opportunities while driving cost out.

Webinar: Demand Side Response

The Challenges of Device Management in Energy

Source: Energy Live News

In 2015 National Grid launched its Power Responsive campaign to help deliver Demand Side Response (DSR) at scale by 2020.

Join this webinar at 2pm on Thursday, 17th March to find out why and how your business can benefit.

Open Energi has teamed up with Energy Live News & National Grid to share the latest developments in Demand Response markets and the opportunities for business – with Martyn Newton sharing his experiences of implementing Demand Response at the University of East Anglia.

You’ll hear from:

  • Paul Lowbridge, Power Responsive Programme Manager at National Grid
  • Chris Kimmett, Commercial Manager at Open Energi
  • Martyn Newton, University of East Anglia
  • Glyn Lee, East of England Coop

They will share their expertise and experience of Demand Side Response, providing you with an overview of:

  • How our energy system is changing and the role of DSR
  • The different types of DSR
  • How to develop a DSR strategy
  • Challenges and lessons learnt from implementing DSR

Webinar: Using Big Data To Enable Smarter Energy

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February 24th, 2016 at 10am GMT/ 11am CET

Source: Hortonworks

Open Energi are presenting a live webinar on the 24th February 10am GMT, it’ll also be available and on-demand immediately below.

Energy wasted through excess capacity is one of the world’s most challenging problems especially in developed countries where energy doesn’t come cheap. Meet Open Energi, an organization working with businesses in the UK to harness excess capacity from their equipment and aggregating it to create a virtual power station to better meet demand. Join this webinar to learn how Open Energi uses data to fuel its virtual power station enabling them to provide cheaper and efficient uses of energy across the UK powered by the Hortonworks Data Platform.

Topics covered:

Exploiting Excess Energy Capacity
Building a Virtual Power Station
Details of the Big Data platform driving the future of energy consumption