Integrated optimisation for
Demand-Side Management

The power generation industry is evolving from fossil fuels to renewables. Integrating Demand-Side Management into power supply arrangements – an emerging business model known as ‘energy-as-as-service’ (EaaS) – is set to become the norm by which all consumers source their energy.

Dynamic Demand 2.0 enables the integration of all the services required for Demand-Side Management. It paves the way for reliable zero carbon power delivery with significantly reduced price risk over time. These services are also fully transferable to microgrid projects.

Choose the demand-side product you require.


Optimise energy storage alongside site
demand and solar and wind generation.

Combined Heat
& Power

Reduce costs and carbon
and boost energy security.


Become an active participant
in the energy system.


Enabling the reduction in cost of producing
hydrogen for transportation, heat and power
generation purposes.

Electrical Vehicle

Bi-direcitonal charging,
fleet management and
stationary storage solutions.

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