Dynamic Demand 2.0

Dynamic Demand 2.0 is our flagship product, the technology platform that sits at the heart of all the products and services we offer.

The platform combines a combination of local (edge) control and centralised (cloud) optimisation to offer a range of services which is unmatched in the market, unique in its breadth and high performance.

The software enables us to connect any asset to any relevant power market, computing millions of decisions in real time to deliver seamless low carbon power to our client. Beyond the UK markets, it scales internationally too.

DD2.0 integrates with these asset types:

Dynamic Demand 2.0 is our flagship product, and is the technology that sits at the heart of everything we do. It is a continuous algorithmic optimisation platform for distributed energy assets. It uses machine learning to deliver unrivalled price forecasting and precise dispatch optimisation across the broadest asset base in the market.

The platform enables us to dispatch assets remotely and switch between services (eg from trading to FFR). Algorithm-driven strategies give the fastest, most flexible control over when energy is bought and sold and over state of charge (SOC) management.

Dynamic Demand 2.0 connects to all types of asset via the cloud, computing millions of discisions in real time to give fast, intelligent response to changes in demand.

DD2 infographic


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