Maximising the returns from your energy storage investment

Dynamic Demand 2.0 Trader is a combined optimisation and trading platform for front of the meter battery storage.

The benefits of Dynamic Demand 2.0 Trader

Increased trading revenues

Bespoke strategies dependent on asset characteristics and investor priorities

Warranty control and reduced degradation

Unrivalled market insights and automated price forecasting

Reassurance of manual override for exceptional trading conditions

Experienced partners in power

Dynamic Demand 2.0 Trader is a partnership between asset optimisation specialists Open Energi and energy trading experts Erova Energy.

Open Energi leads the field in energy storage optimisation with Dynamic Demand 2.0, a continuous, algorithmic trading platform, using machine learning to deliver unrivalled price forecasting and precise dispatch optimisation.

Erova Energy is one of Europe’s leading short-term power trading experts, giving access to Futures, Day Ahead, Intraday and Balancing markets across the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

This combination of automation and manual trading gives clients the best of both worlds. Algorithm-driven strategies give the fastest, most flexible control over when energy is bought and sold and state of charge (SOC) management. Manual trading enables experienced traders to override the algorithm when exceptional circumstances throw up anomalous opportunities.

A low carbon solution

Large-scale energy storage is going to be an essential part of the move to a more flexible, renewable energy infrastructure over the next decade and beyond.

Efficient management of these assets through Dynamic Demand 2.0 Trader is fundamental to enabling investors to maximise the value of their investments while contributing to a low carbon future.

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