Hydrogen electrolyser optimisation

Enabling the reduction in cost of producing hydrogen for transportation, heat and power generation purposes.

Key benefits


Proven Arbitrage Technology

Open Energi has many years’ experience of algorithmically dispatching behind-the-meter assets in traded markets with robustly tested automated technology.


Supply Contract Integration

We have successfully integrated Dynamic Demand 2.0 with the trading desks of multiple utility companies and innovative suppliers. Optimisation strategies are tailored to suit the supply arrangements in place and we consult closely with you on how best to maximise flexibility revenue.


Proven Capability

We have proven the capability of PEM electrolysers to provide dynamic frequency response and have advanced solutions to work in coordination with hydrogen production (eg to maximise efficiency).


Flexible Contracting Approach 

Open Energi can offer a fully managed service – owning all market access contracts, prequalifying assets and bidding on their behalf – or we can break out specific elements of the service offering with a collaborative and consultative approach.


Engineering Excellence

Our understanding of detailed process engineering and advanced control algorithms combine to optimise flexibility in relation to downstream process hydrogen requirements, as well as market signals.


Non-Commodity Optimisation

All relevant non-commodity pricing elements, including DUOS and Triad, are automatically factored in to optimisation to ensure overall profitability.


Services included


Day Ahead Trading
Site Optimisation


Alerts & Monitoring
Financial Reporting


Site Valuation
Market Insight Reports

Services can be sold as packaged or unbundled.

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