Tesla South Mimms Supercharger and PowerPack

Commenting on the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ transport strategy published today, Dagoberto Cedillos, Strategy and Innovation Lead at Open Energi said:

“Decarbonising transport is vital if the UK is to meet its carbon commitments and make urgent improvements to air quality. Prioritising charging infrastructure and the impact of electric vehicles (EVs) on the electricity system is vital to create the foundations of a successful EV strategy and align sustainable energy and transport needs for the future.

“Government seems to have recognised this, and has made welcome commitments to continue grants for chargers, expand on-street charging access, help fund charging infrastructure, address barriers to grid connections and consult on requirements for charge points in new dwellings and workplaces. Wisely Government will not own or operate a chargepoint network, which is clearly unnecessary given the level of private sector interest and innovation already underway in this space.

“While the timescales suggest Government is still in the slow lane, they do at least seem to know where they are going, and innovators can seize this opportunity to make the UK a leader in electrified transport technologies.”