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  • Codford Biogas recycles waste to supply 100% renewable electricity. It seems only fitting that we should also be providing flexibility to support growing levels of renewable generation on the system. Our partnership with Open Energi is helping us to safely and reliably manage our assets to deliver maximum value from the flexibility they provide.

    Kevin Savory Site Manager

Flexible capacity delivers value for Codford Biogas

Codford Biogas is a Wiltshire-based business which recycles food waste to generate renewable electricity. Through a process called Anaerobic Digestion it uses food waste from local businesses, schools and hospitals as a raw material to create methane gas. This methane gas powers three Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines capable of generating 3.7MW of renewable electricity for export to the grid – enough to power 4,000 homes.

Codford Biogas realised its CHP engines could earn new revenues by optimising when and how much electricity they generate to provide flexibility to the UK grid but did not want to disrupt how its plant operated.

By connecting the CHP engines to Open Energi’s Dynamic Demand 2.0 platform it has been able to access embedded benefits and provide real-time balancing services to National Grid.

Dynamic Demand 2.0 uses artificial intelligence to automate and optimise the CHP engines. Because the platform always respects the CHP’s control parameters, providing these services has no impact on the plant’s operation.

Codford Biogas’ CHP engines have successfully provided a real-time balancing service known as Dynamic Frequency Response to National Grid. The service is fully automated and earns Codford Biogas income with zero disruption to operational performance. In addition, Dynamic Demand 2.0 is managing the engines’ output to maximise embedded benefits during peak periods.


Codford Biogas


Codford Biogas




Balancing services

Embedded benefits

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