Cliffe Hill, Hanson


  • Our vision is to be recognised as a leading force in the delivery of a low carbon built environment. Adopting Dynamic Demand is an important part of our drive to embed energy improvements across the business and is helping to build the smarter, more responsive energy system the UK needs to support our transition to a low carbon economy.

    David Weeks PR & Communications Director


We have partnered with Hanson UK, one of the country’s largest suppliers of heavy building materials to the construction industry, to install Dynamic Demand at 22 sites UK-wide, delivering around 2MW of flexible capacity to National Grid.

Bitumen tanks and pumps used to dewater quarries have been fitted with Dynamic Demand, enabling them to intelligently shift their demand for energy in real-time, reducing their consumption when UK electricity demand exceeds supply and increasing consumption when electricity supply exceeds demand. This flexible demand helps National Grid to manage the system and supports the integration of more renewable generation.

The technology has no impact on equipment performance, and in return, Hanson UK is paid for providing this service. In addition, Dynamic Demand provides sub-second metering data on equipment performance, providing new insight to drive operational efficiencies. Via Open Energi’s customised portal, Hanson UK is able to monitor, manage and compare the performance of sites and assets, helping it to spot maintenance issues, identify energy cost reductions and optimise site resources.

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Cliffe Hill, Hanson
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