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  • Water and wastewater treatment is a really energy intensive process – power is one of our biggest operating costs – so we’re looking both inside and outside our business to see how we can work smarter. That means using less power and being willing to be flexible in the way we use that power.

    Andy Pennick Energy Manager


United Utilities is connecting pumps, motors and biogas CHP engines at 8 sites to Dynamic Demand 2.0, providing 8MW of flexibility to capture benefits from balancing services (FFR), peak-time network costs (DUoS, Triad, CM Levy), wholesale and imbalance prices (working with United Utilities electricity supplier to deliver energy arbitrage opportunities within their existing supply contract and to access the imbalance market) and local constraints, whilst making the most efficient use of their energy.

The move is expected to cut electricity costs at United Utilities’ sites by 10% a year, which will be used to reduce water bills for customers.  Open Energi’s ability to deliver ‘total energy optimisation’ across United Utilities’ sites supports a wider move by the water firm to provide one central energy service. The company has brought all of its energy disciplines together to help it focus on future proofing its energy strategy and providing low carbon, secure energy at least cost.

Dynamic Demand 2.0 underpins this strategy, providing powerful insight into asset performance and an adaptable platform that helps United Utilities to respond quickly and efficiently to changing regulation and take advantage of new market opportunities, whilst also supporting the firm’s sustainability strategy.

By 2020 United Utilities aims to provide National Grid with 50MW of flexible capacity from various Demand Side Response solutions – enough to displace a peaking power station. The income this will generate will be reinvested into site assets to reduce operating costs.

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United Utilities Davyhulme
United Utilities Davyhulme


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