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  • UCLan is committed to environmental sustainability and we are proud and excited that our campus is playing its part in helping to solve the UK’s energy challenges. By sharing our flexible demand, we are helping to enable a more sustainable energy future powered by renewable generation. What’s great for us is the service has no impact on the performance of our equipment, so students and staff using the library don’t feel any difference.

    Laura Carter Energy & Carbon Management Officer


The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has partnered with Open Energi to unlock its flexible energy demand and help build a more sustainable energy future. UCLan is a fast-growing campus university serving more than 20,000 students from its main site in Preston. Air con units in its library, which is open to students 24/7, have been equipped with Open Energi’s Dynamic Demand technology and are providing almost 50kW of flexible demand to help National Grid manage second-by-second changes in electricity supply and demand UK-wide.

As part of a phased rollout, Open Energi has integrated with the library’s 10 air handling units (AHUs) – which help to supply and circulate clean air to the building – via the Building Management System. As a result, the AHUs can automatically and invisibly adjust their electricity use in real-time, reducing their consumption when UK electricity demand exceeds supply and increasing it when supply exceeds demand. Further equipment and buildings will be connected over time.

UCLan is paid in return for this service which offers a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient approach to balancing electricity supply and demand than relying on fossil fueled power stations.


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