Project Consultancy

Open Energi offers specialist consultancy services to help businesses assess and value project opportunities. We combine unparalleled knowledge of decentralised, digitalised energy management, with a quantitative approach built on over 7 years of technical innovation, data-driven insight and business analytics.

Our team of data scientists, analysts, engineers and market and policy experts give our clients access to a unique collection of skills and experience, grounded in practical insight and powerful business intelligence.

Our project valuation and optimisation service provides:

  • A complete overview of the demand-side flexibility market and policy landscape.

  • Recommended assets and specifications.

  • Site-specific optimisation strategies.

  • Expert advice and guidance on market access.

Flexible Energy Survey service

Open Energi’s Flexible Energy Survey (FES) service provides an accurate, independent assessment of your site’s total demand flexibility and the commercial opportunity it represents for your business.

What it includes:

  • Comprehensive site survey carried out by qualified engineers with unique experience assessing distributed energy resources for demand-side incentives.
  • Detailed feasibility report identifying the total flexibility of your site, asset-specific strategies, integration solutions and
    commercial benefits.

How you benefit:

  • Reliable information to inform your demand-side management strategy and support internal decision making.

  • Clear and detailed breakdown of which assets can participate in which services, and a forecast of the potential revenue they could generate.

  • Complete visibility of the size and scope of the commercial opportunity, supported by expert market insight.


Frequency regulation

Dynamic Demand 2.0 aggregates industrial equipment (e.g. water pumps, industrial heating and cooling), generation and energy storage systems to provide a smooth, real-time frequency tracking service.

Open Energi has been continuously providing dynamic frequency regulation from behind-the-meter, distributed energy resources since 2011.

Frequency regulation

Energy trading

wholesale energy

Wholesale optimisation

Volatility in wholesale electricity markets creates opportunities for businesses and suppliers to respond to market signals on a day-ahead and intra-day basis and take advantage of price arbitrage opportunities.

balancing services

Imbalance optimisation

Reliable, real-time demand flexibility can help suppliers to manage ‘imbalance’ risk and work with their customers to take advantage of fluctuations in system imbalance prices.

local generation

PPA matching 

Businesses with a renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) can shift demand in line with a project’s generation profile, maximising consumption, reducing residual balancing and decreasing supplier imbalance risk.

Capacity services

Dynamic Demand 2.0 dispatches assets for capacity reserve schemes in line with market obligations. Where necessary, we can devise strategies to maximise obligation fulfilment for the duration required.

capacity services

Peak price management

Dynamic Demand 2.0 minimises electricity costs and maximises income opportunities during peak price periods by reducing consumption or dispatching generation assets in response to price signals. In the UK this includes DUoS, Triad and CM Levy charges.

  • In-house prediction models.

  • Automated production scheduling.

  • Machine learning algorithms continually optimise consumption.

Site constraint management

Site constraint management

Using behind-the-meter flexibility to manage a site’s import and export limits can be extremely valuable. Open Energi’s local intelligence delivers bespoke optimisation strategies specific to individual sites.

System operator constraint management

Transmission and distribution system operators are under increasing pressure as EVs, batteries, and distributed generation change how we interact with electricity networks. New, local flexibility markets are emerging, and Dynamic Demand 2.0 can manage and stack participation of assets in these markets alongside other services.

electricity pylons

Real-time service stacking

Dynamic Demand 2.0 uses artificial intelligence and data-driven insight to ‘stack’ revenues and savings. The platform’s central intelligence optimises assets at an individual and portfolio level, to maximise operational efficiencies and savings.

  • Frequency regulation.

  • Energy trading.

  • Capacity services.

  • Peak price management.

  • Constraint management.

  • Energy efficiency.

Market access

Open Energi can manage market access on behalf of clients, including balancing markets, energy trading, capacity markets and emerging peer-to-peer and flexibility trading platforms.

  • Wholesale energy trading.

  • TSO/DSO markets.

  • Capacity markets.

  • Peer-to-peer trading.

  • Flexibility trading platforms.

Energy efficiency

Dynamic Demand 2.0 uses sub-second metering data and machine learning to identify and automate operational efficiencies and optimise asset performance against business productivity targets, cutting costs and carbon.

  • Frequency regulation.

  • Energy trading.

  • Capacity services.

  • Peak price management.

  • Constraint management.

  • Energy efficiency.

asset optimisation


Business intelligence

DD2.0 console

Open Energi offer unparalleled insight into asset performance. Our operation and analytics consoles combine high resolution metering with powerful data analytics to provide:

  • Complete visibility of asset performance second-by-second.

  • Flexibility revenue and savings tracked against KPIs.

  • Asset fingerprinting, benchmarking and efficiency scores.

  • Monthly reports, custom analysis and data access.

Operation & Maintenance

Open Energi’s highly skilled engineering team conduct regular site visits to ensure asset performance is maintained, and can provide ongoing operation and maintenance services as required.

  • 24/7 asset monitoring.

  • Regular maintenance visits.

  • Fully qualified, experienced engineers.

  • 24-hour contact centre.