Dynamic Demand 2.0
Built Environment

A single cloud-based platform to collect real-time building and asset data, check compliance against a wide range of controls, and automate condition-based maintenance.  We collect data via APIs and other system-to-system integrations. Every critical asset in the built environment can be connected directly to our platform, without the need for complex, costly and potentially unreliable connections and interface hardware.

We analyse the data to deliver enhancements regarding expenditure, maintenance, sustainability and other important metrics.

Our platform automates common actions that save time and generate tangible savings. It provides insights that enable property owners to reduce running costs, stay on top of maintenance, meet sustainability goals, enhance occupant comfort and productivity, and make informed strategic decisions about their building stock

Product Features

Compliance Management

Automated legionella compliance (tap flushing and water monitoring)

Integration with automated emergency light and fire alarm testing and monitoring

Sales unit temperature monitoring

Full portfolio/site/asset-level compliance reporting

Condition-based Maintenance

Estimated remaining life of lighting

Reduce opex by grouping maintenance visits based on asset condition

Integrated with DD2.0 forecasting capabilities

Energy Efficiency

Notification against anomalous energy usage, preventing issues from leading to increased costs

Cohort analysis allows sustainability consultant to set targets for buildings, track energy initiatives and calculate improvements in energy cost and CO2 emissions


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